Monday, September 19, 2011

Poppa & Mammaw's

Since moving to Pennsylvania we are a lot closer to my family including my Grandparents. Over at Poppa and Mammaw's there is ducks, chickens (which includes fresh eggs), a pig named Fred, and growing produce. We went last week and watched the Steeler's game, and yes, I am a steeler's fan. My Mammaw made barbacue checking, potatoes, green beens, meat loaf = happy me :)

We had school today, well you see I am home-schooled by we are part of a home-school group and it takes like an hour and a half to get there, so we have to get up early. What did you do today?
Jesus loves <3 you,

Hannah =)

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  1. hey hannah this is a comment for the contest. Thanks for writing this amazing blog i love it.