Monday, August 20, 2012



Forever New lace top
$52 -

Bardot lace top
$42 -

Forever 21 lace top

Carolina K fur vest

Miu Miu short skirt
$565 -

Mink Pink skirt
$63 -

Trasparenze lace legging
$18 -

Lace up boots

High heels

H M ballet flat
$13 -



Monday, August 13, 2012


Yesterday I went over to my friend Cassie's house with another girl named Hannah house we had tons of fun. They put on tons of makeup and looked like an 80's flashback or something like frankenstein., I thought it was funny lol. Then around 10pm my friend Cassie got a call that her Aunt had went to be with Jesus. Even though that was a long night I will never forget how priceless life is and this world is immortal. Please keep there family in prayer. I do not want to regret any part of my life enjoy every moment because your never guaranteed tomorrow. Thankfully we have hope in heaven with Jesus free from pain. :)
Jesus loves you,

Hannah Elain

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Beach Trip

We jumped over waves, covered in sand, ate delicious seafood, rode a giant bicycle, and collected seashells. I had a great time. I have to admit I could hardly stand the sand in my swimsuit and in my hair. Yuck! Other than that it was fun :) Now we're back getting ready for school. I got to compete in a challenge at my youth group. I had to take raw squid in my mouth, carry it over to the piece of paper with my name on it, then go back for more. I made it to the finals. :) Jesus loves you!!!!!!

Hannah Elain