Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cookies & Cards

A day or two ago my brothers and I made some cookies. We didn't make them from scratch because I had no flour to use. So instead we decided to make sugar cookies from cookie mix. All we had to add was a stick of butter and 1 egg. When I went to get the egg I needed out of the fridge I realized we had no eggs. LOL I then went over to our neighbor to ask for an egg. They gladly gave me an egg. We than mixed it all together and made little cookie dough circles all over our cookie sheet and into the oven they went! And tada! They turned pretty good and tasted wonderful with a cold glass of milk.
Yesterday, I was trying to make some Easter cards. I made one and it turned out to be pretty decent. But I am still improving on my card making. :^) It was fun to make the card!
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