Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lily and Hope Cakes!!!!

This paragragh is from www.morehopeforus.blogspot.com

Wow! I never dreamed the idea of maybe trying to make some cupcakes for an adoption fundraiser would be so successful! I am so grateful to God for the idea and we are so grateful to everyone who has ordered our cupcakes (some of you week after week!). In 6 weeks we have raised about $4,000.00. Can you believe it? God is so amazing to provide for us in this way.
I have friends that come help me bake, deliver, clean and box! My friend Wendy helps me bake sometimes over 30 dozen in a single day! My sister Chantel makes deliveries to the school. We load her minivan full of cupcake deliveries and she parks in the parking lot and passes them out! So fun!!!

You can check out her blog!

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